1月1日の火災事故によって消失した顧客残高の返金申請期限が過ぎた2月1日、BiteBTCはサイト上で「Coin Redistribution Stage 2(コイン再配布ステージ2)」として以下の文書を発表しました。

Coin Redistribution Stage 2
We completed receipt of Coin Redistribution applications and start the next stage.
All coins and tokens are in a safe storage, all information on their movement is available in blockchains (except for coins based on Monero forks and the like).

Unfortunately, the number of fake orders is very large. The most obvious fakes have already been identified (like the request for 1M BTC), and now we need to identify the real coin owners to deposit these coins to the users’ balance.
We’re doing everything possible to complete this stage as fast as possible, but we cannot give exact dates for now. Preliminary estimate is 5-10 business days.

This does not mean that there will be no visible progress earlier. If there is complete clarity on a certain coin, then all deposits will be made much faster.
In addition, if a large amount of unallocated coins is revealed, we’ll run Airdrop campaign the same day so that traders can get their rewards as soon as possible.

All future reports will be published on our website and in our official Twitter account.

Thank you for staying with BiteBTC.

BiteBTC 2月1日発表文書